Mycelium Furniture Project

Coffee TableSpokes (basic module configuration)Hexagon (basic module configuration)Small Chair (complex module configuration)Bench with Armrests (complex module configuration) The Mycelium Furniture Project was my self-directed high school capstone for The Cambridge…


In my US History of Education class at The Cambridge School of Weston, each student designed an 'ideal' school based on their learning throughout the course. A major part of…

Shadow Pendant

Shadow Pendant “Shadow Pendant” is a sculptural light fixture that casts shadows on the ceiling. The lamp is made of steel wire that I bent into twelve three-dimensional pentagons and…


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WingsClose Up of Flapping Mechanism “Wings” is a kinetic, flapping-wing wire sculpture. The main body is made of twisted steel wire joined with aluminum wire. The wings are regular steel…


DropDrop in the Dark “Drop” is a wire and bioplastic sculptural lamp in the form of a droplet. The outer shape is made of soldered-together wire, and a sphere of…

Self-Portrait in Brass

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Self-Portrait in Brass Self-portrait cut into a 4.5 x 3 inch brass plate with a jewelry saw. Mounted onto a recycled vinyl record using handmade silver rivets.

Fingerprint Ring

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Fingerprint RingRing on Hand Nickel ring with a drawing of my fingerprint chemically etched into it. Hammered into shape and soldered, with a liver-of-sulfur patina to darken the background.

Light Through a Bag

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Light Through a Bag Charcoal still life drawing. I challenged myself to work with a complicated lighting situation, placing a paper bag with a hole in it in front of…

Deconstructed Photograph

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Deconstructed Photograph Diptych of observational watercolor pencil drawings. The left side is half of an upside down drawing of a vase of grasses, and the right is more architectural. The…

Abstracted Fan

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Final PieceAbstraction Series A series of charcoal drawings beginning with an observation of a fan and ending in a gestural abstraction of the original object. I created the background by…

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