Drawing for Designers

Technical Package - Pantech Pursuit II Product SketchPerspective ViewsExploded View The drawings above make up a technical package for an existing product, the Pantech Pursuit II, created as my final…

Light Through a Bag

  • Post category:Art

Light Through a Bag Charcoal still life drawing. I challenged myself to work with a complicated lighting situation, placing a paper bag with a hole in it in front of…

Deconstructed Photograph

  • Post category:Art

Deconstructed Photograph Diptych of observational watercolor pencil drawings. The left side is half of an upside down drawing of a vase of grasses, and the right is more architectural. The…

Abstracted Fan

  • Post category:Art

Final PieceAbstraction Series A series of charcoal drawings beginning with an observation of a fan and ending in a gestural abstraction of the original object. I created the background by…


  • Post category:Art

Blocks Freehand wireframe drawing of three containers stacked on top of each other.


  • Post category:Art

Gourd Charcoal still life study of a gourd on crates with drapery (unfinished).

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